Certified Network Defender (C|ND v2)

Course Overview

The CND certification program focuses on training Network Administrators to protect, detect, respond to, and predict threats on the network. This builds upon the typical knowledge and skills of Network Administrators in network components, traffic, performance and utilization, network topology, system locations, and security policies.

Cybersecurity is a continuous, non-linear process. Therefore, your approach to mitigating cyber risks cannot be static. This is particularly important when the new “normal” has millions of employees working from remote locations on fragile, home-based WiFi networks and nonsanitized personal devices.

According to Gartner, traditional “prevent and detect” approaches are inadequate. Opportunistic by nature, malicious actors look for the easiest ways to attack the most users and siphon off the maximum gains. Developing a continuous Adaptive Security Cycle helps organizations stay ahead of cybercriminals by creating and improving security systems. Enter CND v2.

CND v2 is based on the cybersecurity education framework and work role task analysis presented by the National Infocomm Competency Framework (NICF). The program is also mapped to the Department of Defense (DoD) roles for system/network administrators as well as global work roles and responsibilities laid out by the revised NICE Framework 2.0.

Who Is It For Outline Requirements Exam
  • Information Security Analyst / Administrator
  • Information Assurance (IA) Security Officer
  • Information Security Manager / Specialist
  • Information Systems Security Engineer / Manager
  • Information Security Professionals / Officers
  • Information Security / IT Auditors
  • Risk / Threat/Vulnerability Analyst
  • System Administrators
  • Network Administrators and Engineers
  • Module 1: Network Attacks and Defense Strategies
  • Module 2: Administrative Network Security
  • Module 3: Technical Network Security
  • Module 4: Network Perimeter Security
  • Module 5: Endpoint Security-Windows Systems
  • Module 6: Endpoint Security-Linux Systems
  • Module 7: Endpoint Security- Mobile Devices
  • Module 8: Endpoint Security-IoT Devices
  • Module 9: Administrative Application Security
  • Module 10: Data Security
  • Module 11: Enterprise Virtual Network Security
  • Module 12: Enterprise Cloud Network Security
  • Module 13: Enterprise Wireless Network Security
  • Module 14: Network Traffic Monitoring and Analysis
  • Module 15: Network Logs Monitoring and Analysis
  • Module 16: Incident Response and Forensic Investigation
  • Module 17: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • Module 18: Risk Anticipation with Risk Management
  • Module 19: Threat Assessment with Attack Surface Analysis
  • Module 20: Threat Prediction with Cyber Threat Intelligence
  • Basic Networking Knowledge: Familiarity with fundamental networking concepts, including TCP/IP, subnetting, routing, and network protocols is essential. Understanding concepts like firewalls, switches, and routers is beneficial.
  • Work Experience: EC-Council usually recommends having at least two years of work experience in network administration, network security, or a related field. This experience helps in applying the theoretical knowledge gained during the course to real-world scenarios.
  • Security+ or Equivalent Knowledge: EC-Council suggests having a foundational understanding of cybersecurity concepts. Holding a certification like CompTIA Security+ or equivalent knowledge in areas such as network security, operating systems, and security practices is advantageous.
  • Training: Attending an official EC-Council training program is a common requirement for the CND certification. EC-Council provides authorized training centers where candidates can enroll in the CND course and receive the necessary training to prepare for the certification exam.

C|ND ™

Number of Questions : 100
Test Duration : 4 Hours
Test Format: Multiple Choice
Test Delivery : ECC EXAM
Exam Prefix : 312-38 (ECC EXAM)


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